The CX Deck Online Toolkit

The CX Deck Online Toolkit

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When you buy the CX Deck Online Toolkit, you’ll not only get access to five other tools and resources that complement The CX Deck but you'll also get access to the complete Customer Experience Deck PDF.

You’ll find the following tools & resources in The CX Deck Toolkit:

  • The CX Deck Workshop Canvas
  • The CX Deck TouchPoints Canvas
  • The CX Deck Customer Persona Canvas
  • The CX Deck Workshop Plan – 2hr Workshop
  • The CX Deck Steps 8&9 Worksheets 

Note: The CX Deck Toolkit is not a physical product that we ship to you. The CX Deck Toolkit is an online Toolkit with PDF tools & resources. After you purchase The CX Deck Toolkit, you'll be sent an email with instructions for how to access the Toolkit and download all the tools & resources inside.