The CX Deck – 10 Pack

The CX Deck – 10 Pack

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What is #thecxdeck?

This card game can help you and your organisation become more customer-centric. It works by sparking structured conversations about who your customers are, what you know and don’t know about them, and how you want customers to feel when they engage with your business. 

Play either as a team or on your own. Ideally, everyone should work with their own deck. 

The CX Deck is made up of white emotion cards. Each relates to a potential customer feeling, such as Comfortable, Welcome, or Frustrated. 

It guides you through a 9-step process where you sort the cards into three piles: what you want your customers to feelnot feel, or emotions that don't apply. This begins with raw sorting, then you start to prioritise and explore. You’ll complete some steps individually and others as a group. Discussion is a big part of the game.   

As you play, you’re building a shared picture of who your customers are, what you truly know about them, and what you don’t. Where the heart of that relationship lies.  

The objective is to agree and clearly articulate the key elements of your desired customer experience and how you can work together to shape it.  

Why you need more than one Customer Experience Deck?

If you plan to use The CX deck in a session with more than one person, ideally every person in that workshop should have their own deck. This helps everyone have their say no matter how loudly or quietly they express themselves. It also reduces the groupthink and herd mentality that often derails workshops. We've all been in a workshop where the loudest person in the room dominates the discussion and others aren't able to share their point of view. Plus when each person uses their own deck, you create an effortless conversation about the gaps and alignment between people in a team in a non-threatening, constructive manner.