30-day money back guarantee

Refund policy

30-day money back guarantee.

We confidently back The Customer Experience Deck with a 30-day money back guarantee.

We want you to dive in, explore the deck and experience the full potential of this tool without inhibition.

There's only ONE condition: If you want to return the decks to us, please tell us the main reason you weren't happy with the deck so we have a chance to make it better.

The other fine print:

To get your money back, you'll need to do three things:

1) Post the decks back to us at:

PO BOX 10107
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

2) Email to let him know you're returning the decks and tell us the main reason why you weren't happy with the deck/s.

3) In the same email, send confirmation of the return shipping details and let us know you're returning the decks. The date on the shipping confirmation must be within 30 days of the decks being delivered to you.

The decks should be returned in the same packaging they arrived in, including the individual deck packaging. They should be sent back to us within 30 days of you receiving the decks. If the cards are damaged, dog-eared, or cards are missing from the decks, we unfortunately won't be able to refund you.

We'll refund your money as soon as the decks arrive back to us!