Skydive Abel Tasman

After 25 years in the business, we knew it was time to refresh our brand, explore our identity as a business and wrap some language around the type of experience we want to provide to our customers. We needed a process that would engage all levels of the business, not just management. 

We were concerned that most branding exercises were too wishy-washy, unnecessarily complicated and didn't retain their value or use within the business over time. We needed something that everyone could participate in, that gave us clarity and produced tangible outcomes for the business. We didn't want this to be another bottom draw exercise that we do once and then forget about. 

The Experience Deck was a fantastic discovery! Using the cards and intentionally designed process, we were able to facilitate a hands-on practical brainstorming session which produced a healthy list of improvements we wanted to make to the business.  

The cards produced the cover page of our Sales and Marketing strategy which has now been freely distributed amongst the team and is a living document within the business. Not only were we able to implement practical changes right away, we now also use the cards to ensure the decisions we are making on a day to day basis are in alignment with the experiences we are trying to create for our staff and for our customers. 

If you're looking for a powerful tool that will engage the whole team – we can highly recommend The Customer Experience Deck.