Redvespa – From skeptical to delighted!

From skeptical to delighted!

Yes, those are two feelings we felt ourselves as we embarked on the Cx deck journey. Fortunately one we want our customers to feel was the one we felt by the end of our session - delighted!

Our regular monthly sales squad meeting was going along as usual - reviewing account plans, discussing results of market research - and then we started playing with the Cx deck. The energy levels went up. The fun and laughter started and the stories flowed. We shared our understanding of certain words and negotiated our way through to agreement. We now know how we wish our customers to feel and not feel when working with us. It's empowering!

Next step is to add these feelings to our customer user stories and reflect on them each month to see how we're delivering to them. 

We're really looking forward to that step and thank riders and elephants for developing such a unique and usable tool!