Hobbiton Movie Set

Written by Adam Lynch, Chief Operating Officer, Hobbiton Movie Set

Today Hobbiton Movie Set made a bold move.

We took 30 of our leaders from right across the company out of the business for the day for a workshop. Even though it’s a super busy day on the set, the topic of the day was too important not to get them all together. We spent the day looking at our Visitor Experience.

We broke down who our visitors are, what key touch points they interact with us that we can positively impact and took a deep dive in to the positive and negative feelings that influence their time with us.

We used the new thecxdeck from the talented guys at ridersandelephants to guide us through this tricky topic.

I’m so proud of the passion shown and how involved the entire team were in all the exercises, and how well the next tier down dealt with the operations for the day in our absence - they are all a real credit to our business.

The day was epic. We tried a few different things such as The CX deck and was really exciting to see every single person participate. We came away with a powerful set blueprints that will really show our next steps.

The CX Deck is superb. Really easy to follow and staff blasted through the simple steps then gave them more time to break down the questions at the end.

We have some brilliant ideas and projects to now write up and implement that will really provide an unforgettable experience for every visitor we have the privilege to host over this coming summer and beyond.