#thecxdeckchallenge – Unlock The CX Deck Toolkit

We've designed The CX Deck Toolkit which has a bunch of bonus PDF resources and a workshop plan that complement The CX Deck.

To unlock The CX Deck Toolkit and get access to the resources we've designed, all you need to do is complete #thecxdeckchallenge. 

Your challenge is to play the game and define what you want your customers to feel and not feel and then share what you uncover on LinkedIn.

Click here to download #thecxdeckchallenge canvas and instructions.

The image above is an example of what you need to share on LinkedIn to unlock The CX Deck Toolkit


The CX Deck Toolkit currently comprises of five resources that'll give you further inspiration for using The Customer Experience Deck:

  1. CX Deck 'Moments that Matter' Canvas
  2. CX Deck Persona Canvas
  3. CX Deck Workshop Plan (for up to 15 people)
  4. CX Deck Steps 8&9 Worksheets

Our goal is to keep adding to this toolkit as we create new resources and uncover new ways to use the deck, which we'll share with The CX Deck community